What we can do for you

Advice & Lawyers: that is what Bureau LEX stands for. We prefer giving advice. The correct advice prevents a fuss later on. We enjoy spending time with entrepreneurs. Being ready when needed, and knowing when enough is enough. Honest advice creates a relationship of trust that both you and Bureau LEX can rely on. And in the event that Bureau LEX does not have the requested know-how, we are pleased to mobilise our broad network for you.

If advice is no longer sufficient and if the worst comes to the worst, the people of Bureau LEX do not shy away from a good talking-to in or out of court. In such situation Bureau LEX also tells it how it is, and we go straight for the goal together with you.

What can you contact Bureau LEX about?

If you are an entrepreneur, you have come to the right place in any case. Our staff have the legal and practical knowledge that entrepreneurs need.

Bureau LEX can also assist you if you are a private individual. If you have a dispute with your employer, your landlord or tenant or a dispute about a contract: Bureau LEX leads the way.

Our services

The staff of Bureau LEX excel at company law and business law. We assist the purchase and sale of businesses, as well as the drafting of the necessary documents for your business. Examples are shareholders’ agreements or other cooperation agreements.

In addition, Bureau LEX gives entrepreneurs advice about managing a company and all that this entails. You can also contact Bureau LEX in case of disputes between directors / shareholders. Bureau LEX also regularly acts as intermediary in this type of disputes. Endless proceedings usually are not the solution.

Entrepreneurs need to be able to trust the paperwork. Bureau LEX can take care of this. We draft all types of agreements for you. Examples are:

  • General terms and conditions
  • Trade agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Intermediary agreements
  • Cost-plus contracts
  • Franchise agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Settlement agreements

Naturally, Bureau LEX also gives advice about these agreements.

Our staff assist both employers and employees in the area of employment law.

Employers know how to find Bureau LEX to ensure that together the terms and conditions of employment are properly laid down. That also applies to supplementary documents such as employment contracts and a staff manual. An employee who fails to perform or an employee who is unfit for work requires a careful approach. Bureau LEX gives you advice on what you should and should not do in these situations.

We are also familiar with the consequences in case of an acquisition of the business, a reorganisation or a liquidation. More than anybody else, Bureau LEX is able to understand what employers want, and – perhaps even more importantly – do not want.

In addition, Bureau LEX gives employees advice if they are confronted with a workplace conflict or a termination of the employment contract. Bureau LEX also conducts negotiations about the termination conditions.

Are you an employee and have you been dismissed with immediate effect? Bureau LEX can also assist you in this situation and does not shy away from proceedings.

We also give advice and litigate in the area of tenancy law. Both landlords and tenants may contact Bureau LEX for legal assistance regarding all aspects of letting and renting.

Examples of subjects that come to mind for landlords and tenants are:

  • Temporary letting
  • Drafting, adjusting, reviewing and extending tenancy agreements
  • Terminating (by means of notice of termination or setting aside) tenancy agreements
  • Vacation or eviction
  • Defects
  • Rent adjustment

Bureau LEX is a law firm. That means that we also conduct legal proceedings with respect to all subjects within our expertise.

In case of a dispute, Bureau LEX will first provide you with proper advice, and if necessary submit your dispute to the competent court.

Bureau LEX is not afraid of a confrontation. Would you first like to know for certain whether the ‘other party’ provides opportunity for recovery, or would you like to safeguard a specific item? Bureau LEX is an expert in the area of seizure.

Looking for a go-getter of Bureau LEX?

Call, e-mail or send a WhatsApp-message. An introductory meeting with a view of the beautiful city of Eindhoven or at your location will convince you. Together, we will discuss the options and make clear arrangements.